About Me

The aim is to go back to nature, to improve, stay fit in the alkaline way and gain more knowledge about wild foods which is known as alkaline foods. How to have a logic and handle by an environment of hybrid, artificial and manipulated foods, to get the least damaging products. The goal is to Transition from excessive, addictive foods to a natural diet, to train to stay fit and to notice how to learn from mistakes. We follow the teachings of the Grand Masters like Dr. Sebi who cured all diseases and try to find Truth's like a puzzle part to put them together. Arnold Ehret or John Armstrong are those who shared knowledge so Dr. Sebi is the update version of all knowledges cuz we try to stay by every question close to nature, we search their the answers.

We wanna spread knowledge, learn together and improve ourselves in the alkaline way which means in natural way without medication, in an alternative way and wanna explore around our area the wild foods.

We can do it only if we dare to try and so it will begin to change everything in this world!

Share Knowledge, Peace and Love!